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Palestinian Freedom

We are strong advocates of the BDS Movement and aim to empower clean business practices by offering a comprehensive range of resources, information, and in-depth analysis of ethical business practices on a global scale, with a particular focus on the Middle East.

Our efforts are dedicated to advocating for the freedom from oppression around the world.

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BDS Movement

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Should I Support Palestine

Israeli Affiliated Companies

By examining a range of industries including technology, food, cosmetics, and dining establishments, we present a comprehensive inventory of businesses that support Israel.

These companies are thoughtfully grouped by their respective industries and hyperlinked for further research on their Israeli ties.

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Israel Linked Companies

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FCMG Companies

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Apparel Brands

Zionist Supporter

Our scrutiny of public figures, including CEOs, business owners, and investors, reveals controversial connections to Israel that extend beyond their professional roles.

This narrative raises ethical questions about these individuals and their associations.

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Top Investors and Funders

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CEO and Business Owners

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