Israel Product Checker: Your Guide to Israeli Affiliated Companies

Looking to easily identify products, services, or companies associated with Israel or those extending support to Israel in any way? Our comprehensive coverage ranges from Israeli food products to technological giants and even the automotive industry. Whether it’s through moral or material means, we’ve got you covered.

To assist you in making informed choices, the Israeli Product Checker offers a user-friendly solution. This tool guides you in determining whether a product is affiliated with Israel or if it is manufactured in Israel. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Click on the provided link to access the Israeli Product Checker tool.
  2. In the search box, enter the brand name of the product you are considering purchasing.
  3. If the product is associated with Israel or any of its supporters, a message will be displayed, stating that the brand is either affiliated with or supports Israel’s actions in Palestine through material or moral contributions to the occupation.
  4. If the product is not of Israeli origin or connected to its supporters in any way, the tool will display a message indicating that there is no official information or facts to suggest any affiliation with zionist-linked companies or support for the Jewish occupation of Palestine.

It’s important to consider the economic impact of boycotting Israeli products. Boycotts can lead to reduced sales, resulting in decreased corporate revenues and profits. For example:

  • SodaStream, an Israeli company manufacturing home soda-making machines, saw its stock price drop by as much as 20% following calls to boycott Israeli products amid the Israel-Palestine conflict in 2014.
  • Electra Consumer Products, an Israeli company producing household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, and televisions, saw its stock price decline by up to 15% in 2015 after calls to boycott Israeli products.
  • Strauss Group, an Israeli company specializing in food and beverages, including dairy products, juices, and ice cream, experienced a 10% fall in its stock price in 2016 due to calls for boycotts.

While boycotts can raise awareness of Israeli products, it’s crucial to note that they can have adverse effects on Israeli companies. As a result, it’s essential for Israeli companies to develop strategies to address boycotts, such as conducting educational campaigns about their products or diversifying their markets. The full list of boycotted Israeli products for 2023 is available for your reference.

With the Israeli Product Checker and an understanding of the potential impact of boycotts, you can make informed decisions as a consumer and consider the broader economic implications of your choices.