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Exploring FILA’s Interest and Support in Israel

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Amidst ongoing controversies surrounding Israel’s actions, discerning consumers are increasingly vigilant about the affiliations of major brands like FILA. With mounting concerns regarding corporate ties to Israel, questions arise regarding FILA’s stance. As a prominent sportswear brand with global reach, FILA’s potential support or lack thereof for Israel is under scrutiny.

Fila Israel's Instagram
FILA Israel’s Instagram

Unconventional Partnership: FILA and Israel

The South Korean-owned fashion brand FILA’s surprising collaboration as the technical sponsor of Maccabi Tel Aviv FC, announced on their official Instagram account @fila_israel, marks an unconventional move in football sponsorships.

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Despite FILA’s roots in casual wear and limited presence in football, the three-year deal starting from the 2019/2020 season aligns with Maccabi’s status as Israel’s most successful club, boasting 22 League Championships. This unexpected partnership hints at FILA’s ambition to reassert itself in the football arena, following past sponsorships with teams like Blackpool and Notts County.

  • FILA’s official Instagram account for Israel (@fila_israel) promotes the brand’s slogan “FILA stands for those who stand out” with the hashtag #OneWorldOneFila.
  • FILA becomes the official technical sponsor of Maccabi Tel Aviv FC, an Israeli football club, starting from the 2019/20 season.
  • The sponsorship, covering three years, includes supplying the club’s official kit, training, and leisure wear.
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Link Proof:

Fila To Become Maccabi Tel Aviv Fc New Official Supplier From 201920
FILA to Become Maccabi Tel Aviv FC New Official Supplier from 201920

From the above facts, it’s evident that FILA has contributed to providing economic support to Israel. As individuals focused on peace and anti-colonialism, we are urged to refrain from purchasing or consuming FILA products due to their strong economic ties with Israel, a colonizer of Palestinian land.

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