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Does Neutrogena Support Israel? A Deep Dive

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In light of growing concerns over corporate ties to Israel amidst ongoing conflicts in the region, scrutiny falls upon Neutrogena, a well-known skincare brand owned by Johnson & Johnson. As consumers become more conscientious about where their money goes, questions arise regarding Neutrogena’s potential support for Israel and its role in the broader geopolitical landscape.

Boycott Neutrogena
Boycott Neutrogena

Neutrogena’s Complicity with Israeli Interests

Neutrogena, owned by Johnson & Johnson, faces scrutiny for its deep ties with Israel, evident in Johnson & Johnson’s substantial investments and trade relations with the country.

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Despite Neutrogena’s popularity for skincare and makeup products, concerns arise over its indirect support for Israel, highlighted by Johnson & Johnson’s $400 million acquisition of Israeli company Biosense and receipt of the Jubilee Award from the Israeli Prime Minister.

Expansion of Johnson & Johnson’s incubator presence to Israel further accentuates its alignment with the country. These factors fuel calls for boycott within the Boycott Israel campaign.

  • Johnson & Johnson, with close ties to Israel, supports the country economically.
  • Neutrogena, as a brand under Johnson & Johnson, is associated with this support.
  • Johnson & Johnson’s acquisition of Biosense for $400 million and other collaborations indicate its deep involvement with Israel.
  • Johnson & Johnson’s Innovation division has expanded its presence in Israel through collaborations and investments.
  • Major shareholders of Johnson & Johnson include Vanguard Fiduciary Trust Co. (9.523%) and BlackRock Advisors LLC. (5.999%)
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Link Proof:

Top 10 Owners Of Johnson & Johnson
Top 10 Owners of Johnson & Johnson

Based on the facts above, it’s clear that Neutrogena has contributed to supporting Israel’s economy, particularly due to its affiliation with Johnson & Johnson, which has ties to Israel, and the involvement of Vanguard Fiduciary Trust Co. and BlackRock Advisors LLC as major shareholders in Johnson & Johnson, which also invest in companies supplying weapons to Israel.

As individuals focused on peace and anti-colonialism, we are urged to refrain from purchasing and consuming Neutrogena products due to their strong economic ties with Israel as occupiers of Palestinian land.

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